What Game Should I Get?

Q: Hi all. I just got a new computer and want to know what’s the best wargame to get for it.

A1: My favourite wargame is Halo 3 for the PC.

Q: I have a Mac.

A1: It doesn’t run on a Mac.

A2: I love . It’s a first person shooter.

Q: I don’t like first person shooters.

A3: I have . It’s a turn based game.

Q: I really prefer a real time strategy game.

A4: I have this RTS called set in Ancient Rome.

Q: I prefer WWII.

and so on . . .

Get my point? If you would like to find out ‘what the best game is’, please be as specific as you can or you will get responses all over the map. At least we knew that Q had a computer and not a phone.

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