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I graduated from Ryerson University in 1981 as an Electronics Technologist and began my career repairing electro-mechanical equipment followed by microcomputers. I later entered IT and designed/implemented and managed network and support infrastructure for two organizations of up to 1000 employees. I continue to provide IT support for a few small companies and implement web sites based on the Drupal and WordPress frameworks.

I also volunteer with Scouts Canada and spend some of my spare time re-learning digital electronics with the use of an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, and a few FPGA/CPLD/SoC development boards as well as playing with Linux, Drupal, WordPress and so on. . .

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  • CNC Global (Tammy Danforth)
  • Teksystems
  • Annex Consulting Group (Shaun Marthinson) Jean Claude Rondoe
  • TRS Consulting Group (Titan) Mike Britton
  • SI Systems (Ray Bullmore??)
  • TP Systems
  • Maxim Group (Jay Bell)

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  • IT Mindfinders
  • Robert Half

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  • Business in Vancover
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